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Blue Bioeconomy Forum

Roadmap for  the blue bioeconomy. December 2019  


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ISBN: 978-92-9202-737-7, doi: 10.2826/605949
Datum objave
15 siječanj 2020
Izvršna agencija za mala i srednja poduzeća


The sea has traditionally been a large source of economic prosperity and it offers large potential to contribute to achieving quite a number of Sustainable Development Goals, including life below water, climate action, decent work and responsible consumption. Fisheries and aquaculture have been important sources of food for a long time, but outside these sectors the use of renewable aquatic biological resources to make products is still in the infancy stage. In order to speed up the developments and achieve the potential of this so-called blue bioeconomy, the Blue Bioeconomy Forum (BBF) was set up in 2018 as a platform for entrepreneurs, researchers, government officials and other stakeholders.


15 SIJEČANJ 2020
Blue Bioeconomy Forum. Roadmap
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