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All-Atlantic ocean research alliance

A success story of ocean science diplomacy


KI-05-22-104-EN-N, ISBN 978-92-76-51672-9, doi:10.2777/14474
Publication date
14 June 2022
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation


The EU has invested in more than 40 projects with over EUR 250 million to promote cooperation between European and international scientists from around the Atlantic, making itself a major investor and player in Atlantic Ocean research.

Projects such as APPLICATE , Blue-Action and So-Chic have been key in improving our knowledge, by combining observational and modelling approaches over the Atlantic and, respectively, the Arctic and Southern Oceans. A list of projects who have significantly contributed is provided in the publication with links to the relevant CORDIS pages.

Ran by CINEA Horizon Europe Climate, the role of these projects is acknowledged in the recently released EU publication  All-Atlantic ocean research alliance - a success story of ocean science diplomacy

H2020-Climate-All Atlantic Ocean - cover


14 JUNE 2022
H2020 CLIMATE - All-Atlantic ocean research alliance
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