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Addressing conflicting spatial demands in MSP

Considerations for MSP planners. Final Technical Study


ISBN 978-92-9202-454-3, doi: 10.2826/151447
Publication date
15 January 2019
Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises


This report presents the key findings of a study that was carried out in 2018 to explore the range of spatial conflicts experienced in MSP in Europe. The aim was to provide an overview of common types of spatial conflicts and solutions that have been found in various EU Member States, with particular focus on spatial conflict prevention and mitigation. This report looks at the different conflict potential of sectors, conflicting issues and stakeholder contexts, as well as different types of solutions and conditions for applying them.

Addressing conflicting spatial demands in MSP_1


15 JANUARY 2019
Addressing conflicting spatial demands in MSP
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