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LIFE - Calls for proposals

LIFE Calls for proposals 2023

The LIFE Call for proposals 2023 will be published on the Funding & tender opportunities portal as of Mid-April. The calls for Clean energy transitionare expected to be published as of Mid-May.

On 25-26 April, CINEA will organise virtual EU info days to guide potential applicants. A dedicated virtual information session on the specificities of the calls for Clean energy transition will take place at the beginning of June 2023.

Expected opening and submission dates – Updated on 01/03/2023 

  • Standard Action Projects (SAPs) for circular economy and quality of life, nature and biodiversity, climate change mitigation and adaptation sub-programmes:

          Opening: Mid-April – Closing: September 2023

  • LIFE Action Grants for clean energy transition sub-programme:

          Opening: Mid-May – Closing: Mid-November 2023

  • Strategic Integrated Projects (SIPs):
    • Concept notes: Opening: Mid-April – Closing: September 2023
    • Full proposals:  Closing: March 2024
  • Technical Assistance preparation for SIPs and SNAPs:

          Opening: Mid-April – Closing: September 2023

  • Technical Assistance Replication: 

          Opening: Mid-April – Closing: Mid-July 2023

  • Specific Operating Grant Agreements (SGA OG), on invitation only to LIFE FPA signatories:

          Opening: Mid-April – Closing: September 2023

  • LIFE Preparatory Projects (addressing ad hoc Legislative and Policy Priorities - PLP):

          Opening: Mid-April – Closing: September 2023

Type of grants

Standard Action Projects (SAP)

Projects, other than strategic integrated projects, strategic nature projects or technical assistance projects, that pursue the specific objectives of the LIFE programme.

Strategic Nature Projects (SNAP)

Projects that support the achievement of Union nature and biodiversity objectives by implementing coherent programmes of action in Member States in order to mainstream those objectives and priorities into other policies and financing instruments, including through coordinated implementation of the prioritised action frameworks adopted pursuant to Directive 92/43/EEC.

Strategic Integrated Projects (SIP)

Projects that implement, on a regional, multi-regional, national or transnational scale, environmental or climate strategies or action plans developed by Member States' authorities and required by specific environmental, climate or relevant energy legislation or policy of the Union, while ensuring that stakeholders are involved and promoting coordination with and mobilisation of at least one other Union, national or private funding source.

Technical Assistance Projects (TA)

Projects that support the development of capacity for participation in standard action projects, the preparation of strategic nature projects and strategic integrated projects, the preparation for accessing other Union financial instruments or other measures necessary for preparing the upscaling or replication of results from other projects funded by the LIFE programme, its predecessor programmes or other Union programmes, with a view to pursuing the LIFE programme objectives set out in Article 3; such projects can also include capacity-building related to the activities of Member States' authorities for effective participation in the LIFE programme.

Other Action Grants (OAG)

Actions needed for the purpose of achieving the general objective of the LIFE programme, including coordination and support actions aimed at capacity-building, at dissemination of information and of knowledge, and at awareness-raising to support the transition to renewable energy and increased energy efficiency.

Operating Grants (OG)

Grants that support the functioning of non-profit making entities which are involved in the development, implementation and enforcement of Union legislation and policy, and which are primarily active in the area of the environment or climate action, including energy transition, in line with the objectives of the LIFE programme.


Project proposals submitted under LIFE calls are evaluated and scored against selection and award criteria.

Support for applicants

Guidance on the application process, evaluation and grant signature, and working as an expert will be available on the Funding & Tender portal.

Please see our dedicated page on Support for Applicants.

Expert evaluators

The LIFE Programme appoints external experts to assist in the evaluation of grant applications, projects and tenders. 

If you have skills and experiences in the sustainable energy field and like to evaluate proposals submitted under the LIFE Clean Energy Transition sub-programme, please register in the European Commission’s database of independent experts

If you have skills and experiences in the fields of nature & biodiversity, circular economy and climate action and like to evaluate in the LIFE sub-programmes Nature and Biodiversity, Circular economy and quality of life, Climate change mitigation and adaptation, please register your interest with the external Framework Contractor.

Potential expert evaluators can register interest for any of the LIFE sub-programmes.