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European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

Innovation Fund Project Portfolio Dashboard

The Innovation Fund Project Portfolio Dashboard is an intuitive and interactive reporting platform, allowing the viewer to discover the Innovation Fund signed projects.

The aim of this dashboard is to facilitate data sharing, providing public access to real-time programme data in an easy, flexible and user-friendly manner.

The Innovation Fund Project Portfolio Dashboard refers to the portfolio of projects that have signed grant agreements and consists of two main pages (sheets):

  • Portfolio of signed projects
  • Page for self-service

The self-service window allows you to create your own customised charts, plots or pivot tables.

IF project portfolio





Portfolio of signed projects


Navigation guidelines:

  • The navigation among the pages (sheets) can be performed using the arrows (< >) at the right-hand side upper menu.
  • The dashboard offers a series of predefined filters. These are available in the upper part of each sheet.
  • To apply one of the filters, simply select it and choose an option from the drill-down list. The filter gives the possibility to select one or more, or all options among the values, or to exclude certain options from the selection. Your current selection is indicated in green, while the non-selected options are shown in light grey.
  • To exclude a value from the selection, select first the dimension that you want to exclude then perform an alternate selection.
  • The active selection is visible on the upper left-hand side of the page.
  • To get back to the main page simply press on the “x” in the upper corner and the filters will be all cleaned.