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European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

Evaluations and experts - Energy Efficiency

How do evaluations work?

Project proposals submitted under the Horizon 2020 energy efficiency calls are evaluated and scored against selection and award criteria - excellence, impact, and quality and efficiency of implementation.

Templates of the forms that experts use to evaluate proposals are available on the topic conditions pages for each call. Experts score each award criterion on a scale from 0 to 5 (half point scores may be given):

  • 0 – Proposal fails to address the criterion or cannot be assessed due to missing or incomplete information.
  • 1 – Poor. The criterion is inadequately addressed or there are serious inherent weaknesses.
  • 2 – Fair. The proposal broadly addresses the criterion, but there are significant weaknesses.
  • 3 – Good. The proposal addresses the criterion well, but a number of shortcomings are present.
  • 4 – Very good. The proposal addresses the criterion very well, but a small number of shortcomings are present.
  • 5 – Excellent. The proposal successfully addresses all relevant aspects of the criterion. Any shortcomings are minor.

More detailed information on the evaluation of proposals is available in the Horizon 2020 Online Manual.

Become an expert

EASME appoints external experts to assist in the evaluation of grant applications, projects and tenders, and to provide opinions and advice in specific cases.

In particular, experts assist in:

  • Evaluation of proposals, prize applications and tenders
  • Monitoring of actions, grant agreements, public procurement contracts

In addition, experts provide opinion and advice on:

  • Preparation, implementation and evaluation of EU programmes and design of policies

If you are interested, please register in the European Commission's database of independent experts.