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Λογότυπος της Ευρωπαϊκής Επιτροπής
European Climate Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

Cross-border renewable energy projects (CEF Energy)

Supporting cross-border projects in the field of renewable energy

For the 2021-2027 funding period, a new category of eligible projects has been introduced in the energy part of the revised Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme: cross-border projects in the field of renewable energy. The new CEF Energy window complements other EU renewable energy funding opportunities, focusing specifically on cross-border cooperation to optimise national efforts for deployment of renewable energy.


Cross-border projects in the field of renewable energy shall contribute to decarbonisation, to completing the internal energy market and to enhancing the security of supply. They aim to enable the cost effective deployment of renewable energy.

Policy context

Discover the EU's policy for the production and promotion of energy from renewable sources in the EU.

Legal Framework

Check the Commission's regulations and directives that provide the overall framework for this programme.

CB RES Transparency Platform

Check this public information system providing up-to-date information on the location, technology, phase & financial support for each project that made it to the CB RES list!

Looking for funding? Check the different calls for proposals

Call for Preparatory Studies

This call supports EU Member States and private project promoters in selecting the best project concept and setting up the cooperation agreement. It allows for projects to be supported before being included in the CB RES list of projects.
The call is currently open with deadline on 10 January 2023

Call for the CB RES status

This call allows projects to get the CB RES status to get to the list of projects and therefore be eligible for funding for works and studies.

Call for works and Studies

This call supports project promoters to carry out and implement works and studies. The call is currently open with deadline on 23 February 2023

You are a beneficiary - Manage your project


All the necessary templates that you will need during the project's lifetime

Clean Energy Newsletter

Browse the newsletter featuring funding opportunities and activities on renewable energy run by CINEA, including the CEF Energy programme



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