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News article27 September 2021

Understand your energy bills with the Act4Eco platform

Act4Eco Platform

Can I install solar panels in my home? Does it make sense to change the windows? Do I use the heating thermostats correctly? Could I save energy and money by changing my habits? 

The Act4Eco platform, created by the EU project ECO2 (Energy Conscious Consumers), will help you answer those and many other questions and make you the master of your own energy use in very little time. 

Act4Eco has helped over 12,000 citizens learn ways to save energy through e-learning. The project started from the idea that many citizens around Europe are willing to take action to reduce their energy consumption but do not know where to start or are confused about the contradictory information they see on the internet. To overcome this, the project has designed a platform to help users make informed decisions while avoiding hours of googling before acting on their energy use. 

Act4Eco condenses essential information in 22 e-learning modules which can be completed in 10- 25 minutes each.  

They cover the key concepts you need to master along five themes:

  1. produce your own energy with PV;
  2. manage your energy consumption;
  3. improve your home;
  4. become a smart consumer and
  5. sustain efficient energy use. 

The proof that the information presented is useful is that more than 60% of the platform users return to learn more.

Act4Eco is already available in 12 languages but the project has created the “ECO2 Community” with organisations that want to expand the use of Act4Eco by increasing its content and translating it in more languages. 

The project has been implemented by a Consortium of 9 partners led by the Danish Board of Technology. The real strength of Act4Eco stems from the variety of sectors of which partners are involved, ranging from energy to IT usability, from e-learning to consumer rights, from policy making to public engagement. 

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Publication date
27 September 2021