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TENP pipeline deodorisation plant commissioned on schedule

EU funding helps strengthen security of natural gas supply for Germany and Northwestern Europe

Deodorisation plant in DE

The construction of an innovative industrial-scale deodorisation plant in Schwörstadt, Germany, which has received EU funding through grants from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), was commissioned in December 2020.

The deodorisation plant is part of the reverse flow on the Trans Europa Naturgas Pipeline (TENP) system. The plant helps to further increase flexibility on the TENP system by enabling the transmission of odorised natural gas from southern Europe. The deodorisation plant serves to remove odorants in imported gas to comply with the regulatory requirements of the German pipeline network, thus allowing the import of natural gas from Italy/France via Switzerland into Germany. 

The Reverse flow interconnection on TENP pipeline in Germany was recognised an EU Project of Common Interest (PCI 5.10) and was therefore eligible for EU funding through CEF. The reverse flow on TENP allows higher flexibility for gas flows across the concerned networks, which leads to a higher diversification of routes for gas supplies in Germany. The project contributes to enhancing security of supply for Germany and Northwestern Europe.

The project received support from CEF via two grants awarded in 2015. The first one (€0.4 million) was awarded in 2015 to carry out studies prior to the construction works. The second grant (€8,6 million) covered the construction of a reverse flow functionality at the compressor station of Hügelheim (DE), and the construction of the innovative deodorisation plant in Schwörstadt (DE). 

CEF Energy programme

The CEF programme in the field of energy provides funding to infrastructure projects in electricity, natural gas and smart grids with the aim to better interconnect energy networks towards a single energy market in Europe. The programme supports the key objectives of the Energy Union by promoting further integration of the internal energy market, enhancing security of energy supply and integrating energy from renewable sources into the network. To be eligible for a grant, a proposal has to contribute to a PCI included in the Union-wide list adopted biennially by the Commission. In total, €4.7 billion of EU funding has been allocated to energy cross-border infrastructure projects so far.

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3 lutego 2021
Agencja Wykonawcza ds. Innowacyjności i Sieci