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Sail crossings between Cornwalls

The regions of Cornwall in England and Cornouaille in French Brittany share common Celtic origins and historical sailing links.

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Thanks to these traditional nautical links, The Channel Sail Route developed a CO2-free thematic route powered by wind.

Two lands a common story. From their historical roots to their sailing routes. Recently, these historically intertwined regions have become more and more estranged and distant. So, why not develop a touristic thematic passage linking these sister coastal regions once again? 
This is exactly what the Channel Sail Route project aimed at achieving: To promote partnership between the English Cornwell and the French Cornouaille, boost the local economy and capitalise on their rich maritime touristic potential. 
More specifically, the project intended to promote off-season tourism; attract travellers to new, lesser known areas, thus reducing pressures (environmental and social) at traditional destinations; and above all promote the shared values of the various European destinations. It also aimed at encouraging a responsible and sustainable behaviour on the part of travellers.
Among its deliverables, the project provided participants with atransferability tool kiton how to develop a thematic route based on the project experience. 
Thanks to Channel Sail Route’s innovative idea to make Europe a ‘destination of excellence’, the project was awarded a grant of 297.491,00 EUR under the Nautical Routes for Europe call.
Due to Brexit, however, the project entered a second phase thus changing its name to ‘Cargo Sail Route’ and expanding its nautical route to other historical trading cities such as Madère, Açores & Porto in Portugal, and Bordeaux & Nantes in France. 
As the political landscape became more complex, the project has been conceived as a metaphorical bridge, a carbon-neutral shipping route that connects a post-Brexit Britain with Europe and would inspire current and future generations.

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Guillaume LE GRAND, TOWT Manager

 "Brexit is particularly affecting us this year - especially on the importing of British products. Great Britain is still a very close friend. It is   exactly in this very particular political context that the "Channel Sail Route" project will allow us to build sustainable bridges between our   shores, also inaugurating the ships of the future." 

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François CADIC, Mayor of Douarnenez

 “We are always delighted to see the sails of the Grayhound hoisted in the Bay of Douarnenez. The Channel Sail Route project, of which   the Port-Museum is a partner, represents a double opportunity. On one hand, it participates in the animation of Douarnenez and Port-     Rhu. While on the other hand, it allows us to strengthen the cooperation between the French and Cornwall, more than ever necessary in   the period of Brexit." 

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Rolf MUNDING, owner of the Charlestown Harbour

 "We are delighted at the Port of Charlestown to partner with TOWT - Sailing, Port Museum Douarnenez and Grayhound in the Channel   Sail Route project. We are in an exciting phase of harbour development and see this relationship as a key part of our development. The   Grayhound will be at the Charlestown Harbour for our "Classic Sail Festival" this year and look forward to welcoming the ship and its   crew." 

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Key Information

Name of the project: Channel Sail Route / now branding as Cargo Sail Route
Funding beneficiaries

  • TransOceanic Wind Transport (TOWT), France
  • Town of Douarnenez (PMD), France
  • Grayhound Lugger (GRA), UK
  • Square Sail Ventures Ltd. (SQS), UK

Location: Cornwall and Cornouaille. Later on, the route was enlarged to Madère, Açores & Porto in Portugal, and Bordeaux & Nantes in France.


Social media: Twitter @TOWindTransport @CotoCoProject

Duration: (from January 2018 to December 2019)

Total budget: 371,839 €

EU contribution: 297.491,00 EUR

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