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Presseartikel2. Juni 2022Europäische Exekutivagentur für Klima, Infrastruktur und Umwelt

Poland – Slovakia Gas Interconnection: gas transmission systems under test

Poland - Slovakia gas interconnector

The first trial of gas transmission between Poland and Slovakia on the newly constructed Poland-Slovakia gas interconnector is happening today, 2nd June.

Construction works on both sides of the PL-SK gas interconnector were finalised last month, while operational permit for the interconnector is planned for this fall.

This is the first interconnection established between the Polish and Slovak natural gas transmission systems. 

The interconnection will enhance security of gas supply, very pertinent in the current geopolitical context in the region.

This project realisation was supported by the CEF Energy and received several grants for an amount exceeding EUR 100 million.

It is expected that the new pipeline of 165 km will ensure transfer capacity up to 15.6 mcm/d in the direction from SK to PL and up to 12.9 mcm/d in the reverse flow.

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Construction works for the Poland – Slovakia Gas Interconnection


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2. Juni 2022
Europäische Exekutivagentur für Klima, Infrastruktur und Umwelt