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News article13 September 2022European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency1 min read

LIFE ETX report on the decarbonisation of European industry

A new report commissioned as part of the LIFE ETX project assesses different policy options for the decarbonisation of European industry.

decarbonisation of European industry

While significant progress has been made to reduce European emissions via the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), this has largely been attributable to the power sector. Energy-intensive industries, in contrast, have achieved little to no improvement in their carbon efficiency, the project says. The report concludes that there are many feasible and effective policy options – both at national and EU level – to speed up decarbonisation of European industry. At the national level, options include price instruments, strategies to eliminate highly polluting industrial production methods, and public-private partnerships. At EU level, there are possibilities to strengthen existing decarbonisation policies, namely the EU ETS and the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED). For instance, by lowering the supply of ETS allowances, and giving away fewer for free, as well as introducing greenhouse gases into IED permits.

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