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News article23 February 2022European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency1 min read

LIFE EcoTimberCell launches spin-off marketing firm

LIFE EcoTimberCell has launched a start-up called TimberSoul by Cándido Hermida. The new company will promote local certified wood by commercialising EcoTimberCell (ETC) products.

LIFE EcoTimberCell

We spend most of our lives in buildings, but they cause 40% of the EU's energy consumption. Reducing this consumption is critical to mitigating climate change.

The LIFE EcoTimberCell project develops various ETC structural products like beams and frames for construction from forests in the Galicia-North Portugal Euroregion. These efficient and innovative wood cells can replace traditional building materials like steel and cement. The team's method reduces CO2 emissions, increases buildings' energy efficiency, and boosts demand for wood from sustainably managed forests.

The TimberSoul by Cándido Hermida spin-off will position these ETC products as synonymous with quality and innovation and promote wood as an ecological alternative in construction. The team will encourage innovation in the timber construction sector. And they want to make it easier for professionals to use ETC products without specialist training. They will connect building professionals with forestry industry experts in wood construction to build sustainably together.

Despite promoting wood in construction, the team is keen to cut resource use. They are, therefore, against mass solutions like cross-laminated timber whenever possible.

Their approach will boost demand for certified local wood, which will, in turn, enhance sustainable forest management and create green jobs.

This close to market LIFE project and its start-up support several pieces of EU legislation, including the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive and  Renovation Wave Strategy.

Image: LIFE17 CCM/ES/000074. All rights reserved. Licensed to the European Union under conditions.


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