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News article14 June 2022European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

Discussing energy efficiency financing in EU Member States – take the example of Slovenia

An acceleration of the clean energy transition is needed to phase out EU dependence on fossil fuel imports as set out in the REPowerEU plan.

Discussing energy efficiency financing in EU Member States

Technical projects are looking for finance, finance sector is looking for projects to be financed. In the meantime, time is ticking: significant investments need to be mobilised to achieve the climate and energy targets proposed by the European Commission for 2030 and the long term objectives by 2050.

One obstacle to the use of private finance for energy efficiency and integrated renewables is the lack of common understanding of the topic between government, public sector, private sector and financial sector, as recognised by the Renovation Wave Communication. Together with DG Energy, CINEA set-up the Sustainable Energy Investment Forums in 2016, organising conferences and national roundtables in almost all European capitals, in order to improve dialogue, co-operation and awareness, and to develop large-scale investment programmes mobilising private finance for investments in those sectors.

More than 50 conferences, roundtables and webinars have been organised over the last years

One of the most recent national roundtable was organised in Ljubljana on 24 May, gathering more than 50 participants. They discussed concrete initiatives supporting energy efficiency investments in public and private buildings, in commerce and industry as well as the need for new financial instruments and energy efficiency services business models in Slovenia. Detailed proceedings will be published on this same page in the coming weeks.

In addition, there are seven on-going Horizon 2020 projects directly building on the Sustainable Energy Investment Forums. They are also organising national (and in some cases also regional) roundtables in Spain (AUNA), Greece, Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria (SMAFIN), Denmark, Latvia and Poland (ROUNDBALTIC), Italy (GREENROAD), Czech Republic and Slovakia (GreenDeal4Buildings), Germany (Green Home) and Bulgaria (BeSmart).

If you are interested in setting up roundtables in your own country, there is a funding opportunity currently open: the LIFE Clean Energy Transition (CET) Call 2022 has a dedicated funding topic on National Finance Roundtables for sustainable energy investments, apply until 16 November 2022.