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Discover Bavaria's natural heritage with LIFE living Natura 2000 

LIFE living Natura 2000

The team behind LIFE living Natura 2000 has recently published a hiking and cycling guide to encourage people to uncover Bavaria's incredibly diverse range of habitats and species. 

With springtime here, many of us are venturing outside to enjoy all the benefits nature has to offer. This cycling and hiking guide (in German) adds to the experience by providing bikers and hikers with 20 treks that showcase nature in all its glory across many of Bavaria's Natura 2000 sites.  

Visitors will discover the variety of animal and plant species in the Allgäu region and the Siebensteinkopf mountains. They will see orchids in full bloom, golden eagles, colourful butterflies, western capercaillies, and much more. 

Also, they will learn about why these habitats are vital for rare animal and plant species' survival and what is needed to preserve biodiversity for future generations.  

The guide is the brainchild of Natura 2000 ambassador and alpine climber Alexander Huber with several prominent nature and hiking associations also providing input. 

The project team hopes that the guide will raise awareness of the beauty and importance of Natura 2000.   

You can see the various treks on the LIFE living Natura 2000 website.  

LIFE living Natura 2000 supports the EU's Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 and the EU's Birds and Habitats Directives. 

The project promotes the Natura 2000 network in Bavaria through an extensive communication and information campaign. 

For 30 years, LIFE projects have been saving endangered EU habitats and species, expanding the Natura 2000 network, boosting the implementation of EU nature legislation, removing Invasive Alien Species, combating illegal practices and raising awareness, among other actions. Find out more in our Bringing nature back through LIFE study and brochure

Image: LIFE16 GIE/DE/000012. All rights reserved. Licensed to the European Union under conditions. 


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