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Communicating your LIFE project

Communicating your LIFE project

Many LIFE projects are active on social media and regularly collaborate with journalists. This creates much awareness of their activities.  

Social media for LIFE projects 

If your LIFE project is not active on social media, you are missing out on a fast, inexpensive and effective way to reach a vast and diverse audience. 

Many people don’t understand environmental problems or grasp scientific information. Social media can help LIFE projects reach them by presenting complex information in an easy-to-understand way. 

The LIFE Stop Cortaderia team is successfully using social media to help eradicate Pampas grass - one of Europe’s most harmful invasive species. Every day, they share opinions with citizens, describe project activities and promote results. Their posts also urge the public to find this grass and dispose of it. 

Learn more about their social media strategy in our interview. 

Reaching out to journalists 

Providing media with clear and concise information is an integral part of media relations – it makes a journalist’s job easier. And it enhances the likelihood of gaining positive coverage for your LIFE project. You need people to know what you’re doing and build your brand. Journalists can tell your story.  

Some LIFE projects are tasked with changing public opinion on various environmental and climate issues. The team behind LIFE 3n-Bullfrog in Belgium worked with the media to do just this. 

They needed to raise awareness of the importance of controlling American bullfrog populations – an invasive alien species that threatens biodiversity in Belgium.  

Thanks to media coverage across Flanders and Brussels, most of the public has accepted that the American bullfrog harms biodiversity.  

Learn more about how media relations benefited this LIFE project in our interview. 

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