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Presseartikel24. November 2021Europäische Exekutivagentur für Klima, Infrastruktur und Umwelt

CEF Energy - New funding opportunity for cross-border renewable energy projects

CEF Energy -  Call CB RES - Info day

The Connecting Europe Facility Energy programme for the 2021-2027 has been extended with a cross-border renewable energy window. In this context, a new call for proposals was launched making available €1 million to support preparatory studies for projects before they are included in the Union list of cross-border renewable energy projects.

In particular, the call will contribute to support both EU Member States and private project promoters in order to advance cooperation ideas, create momentum amongst involved stakeholders and, with this, generate a pipeline of cross-border renewable projects.

The purpose of the call is therefore to overcome the obstacles that, in the past, have prevented cooperation projects from going ahead due to the uncertainty on the allocation of costs and benefits between involved Member States or due to the additional complexity of setting up cross-border support.

Applicants can submit their proposals via the Funding & Tenders Portal by 1 February 2022 at 17.00 CET. (Please note that this deadline has been extended to allow sufficient time for applicants to familiarise themselves with the new instrument. It was first settled for 30 November 2021)

CINEA organised a Virtual Info Day on 28 September to present the policy context of the call, the application and evaluation process, and to provide participants with valuable tips & tricks on writing a successful proposal.

Now, CINEA is organising a second Virtual Info day on 6 December. This time the goal is to dig deeper in the understanding of this new funding opportunity and to raise practical questions in order to advance in the preparation of the project proposals.


Datum der Veröffentlichung
24. November 2021
Europäische Exekutivagentur für Klima, Infrastruktur und Umwelt