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European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency
News article19 December 2023European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency1 min read

CEF Energy: EUR 50 million to support cross-border renewable energy projects

CB RES call Works & Studies 2023

On 17 October, CINEA published a call for Works and Studies for cross-border renewable energy (CB RES) projects. The call officially opens for submission today, 19 December 2023, and will close on 6 February 2024.

Launched under the Connecting Europe Facility programme for Energy (CEF Energy), the call makes available EUR 50 million to support works and studies for projects included in the CB RES list. That means that only projects with the CB RES status are eligible for this call.

On 14 November, CINEA organised a virtual info day to explain the characteristics of the call, the context, the eligibility criteria and some tips and tricks to prepare a good application. The presentation displayed during the event is available here and the recording here.

New CB RES list officially enters into force

The European Commission has adopted the updated CB RES list of renewable energy cross-border projects under CEF Energy. The list, launched for the first time in August 2022, has now a total of five projects, relevant for seven Member States.

These projects are:

  • ELWIND: a hybrid offshore wind park between Estonia and Latvia.
  • GOERLITZ ZGORZELEC: a cross-border district heating grid based on RES between Germany and Poland.
  • CICERONE: a project to produce renewable electricity in Italy, Spain and Germany for conversion, transport and use of green hydrogen in the Netherlands and Germany.
  • SLOWP: an offshore wind power plant in the Gulf of Riga.
  • ULP-RES WP: an on-shore wind park in the northern part of Latvia and the southern part of Estonia.

These projects will help to fill a gap of regional renewable electricity production, contribute to an open electricity market, increase Europe’s energy independence, and reduce fossil fuel consumption by decarbonising the energy sector.

By acquiring the official CB RES status, these projects are now eligible for financial support for studies and works under the CEF Programme (call mentioned above).

Updates on the CB RES Transparency platform

On this occasion, the CB RES Transparency platform has been also updated to include the latest information about the projects in the CB RES list.

Visit the CB RES Transparency platform