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European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency
Nyhedsartikel3. februar 2022Det Europæiske Forvaltningsorgan for Klima, Infrastruktur og Miljø

CEF Energy: EUR 470.000 requested for preparatory studies for future cross-border RES projects


CINEA has received 3 project proposals requesting EUR 470.000 of funding for preparatory studies of cross-border renewable energy projects.

With a total budget of EUR 1 million available, the call under the CEF Energy programme aims to support both EU Member States and private project promoters in selecting the best project concept and setting up the cooperation agreement.

The proposals submitted are pioneering projects representing diverse options of cross-border cooperation that the renewable sector offer. They cover very different fields: wind farms, district heating and green hydrogen. These are just some real examples of how cross-border cooperation can unlock Europe’s renewable energy potential.

What’s next?

Admissibility and eligibility of the proposals will now be checked and the proposals will then be evaluated against the specific award criteria of the call. The entire evaluation process is expected to be concluded by spring, when the results will be announced.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of March, another call will be launched. It will allow projects to get the status and be included in the “list of cross-border projects in the field of renewable energy” (aka CB RES list). Once they are in the list, projects can be eligible for technical studies and works funding.

The CB RES list will be adopted by the European Commission by autumn 2022. On this basis, another call for works and studies can open.