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Novinski članak13. siječnja 2022.Europska izvršna agencija za klimu, infrastrukturu i okoliš

13th BUILD UP Skills European exchange meeting

Over 100 representatives from EU-funded projects and the European Commission discussed the challenges and good practices on upskilling building professionals to deliver high-energy performance building renovations and nearly-zero energy building.

13th BUILD UP Skills European exchange meeting

CINEA organised the 13th edition of the BUILD UP Skills European exchange meeting under the BUILD UP Skills initiative at the end of 2021. The meeting aimed to foster exchange of ideas and transfer of the rich technical expertise and experience that exists within the different national BUILD UP Skills Consortia as some of the challenges in the building sector are country specific, but most are of common nature across many countries.

With over 100 representatives from across 20 EU-funded projects – mostly from H2020 - the event provided an opportunity to learn from each other and discuss common challenges and good practices. Representatives from DG Energy, DG Employment, DG Internal Market and DG Environment participated to to update participants on the latest policy developments. Breakout sessions allowed a deeper dive into specific issues e.g. innovation in the training delivery, digital skills, skills validation mechanisms, awareness raising campaigns towards homeowners as well as inclusion of skills requirements in procurement processes.

All presentations from this European exchange meeting are available on the BUILD UP portal.

On this occasion, new projects joined the BUILD UP Skills community, such as BUS-GoCircular,which will develop a qualification framework for skills related to circular construction.

For recent project results please consult the 2021 Cordis Results pack.