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LIFE BIOBEST capacity-building workshop: “Unlocking Efficiency: Strategies for building a high-performing municipal bio-waste system’’

This capacity-building workshop was part of the European LIFE BIOBEST project.

The workshop, held by Zero Waste Europe along with the consortium of partners, aimed to promote concrete actions among EU municipal officials for the development and implementation of efficient bio-waste collection systems in their municipalities. Its objective was to highlight best practices in bio-waste management and address challenges faced by local authorities in organic waste management.  

  • waste management
  • srijeda 25. listopada 2023., 08.08 - 18.18 (CEST)
  • Barcelona, Spain

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srijeda 25. listopada 2023., 08.08 - 18.18 (CEST)
C/ de Pere IV, 362, 08019 Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
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LIFE BIOFEST capacity-building workshop