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European Climate Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

Interfacing with GREEN ASSIST in practice: the Expert’s Perspective

The Roster of experts is a key component of the GREEN ASSIST advisory initiative: as a pool of experienced experts dedicated to the greening of investment, the quality and the diversity of expertise on-boarded in the Roster will ensure that CINEA and its contractor can promptly identify the expert suitable who would be swiftly available to provide advisory services in the context of an incoming request for advisory.

Additionally, in a context of a given assignment and given the triangular relation between the expert, the beneficiary and the contractor (e.g. in its role of monitoring and paying contracting the experts), it is critical that expert and beneficiary show a high degree of accountability (complying with the terms of their respective commitments) and transparency towards each other and the contractor. Expertise and accountability combined will result in qualitative, independent and effective deliverables that should truly enable the beneficiary to improve the environmental performance of its investment.

In order to ensure a constant level of expertise available within the Roster, CINEA has launched a rolling and ongoing campaign looking for experts demonstrating “on the ground” advisory expertise and experience in the follownig sectors and relevant competencies, for EU 27 clients or EU27 projects.

In the section below, you will find some clarifications on topics that are of interest for potential experts. It should be noted that GREEN ASSIST will be implemented dynamically to maximize its efficiency based on recommendations from its stakeholders. These clarifications are therefore illustrative and may be revised from time to time.

Do I have the right profile?

There is no strict nor set-in-stone “right “profile. In fact, the Roster of experts will be initially and continuously populated based on the needs expressed in the requests received, constantly seeking to address possible gaps (sectoral, geographical, or thematic) of expertise. However, as a general guidance, the Roster will target the following expertise:

Sectoral Expertise

  • investments concerning protection, enhancement and restoration of terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems and their services, including nature conservation-business;
  • green and blue infrastructures, and greening of existing or new infrastructures;
  • investments in the waste sector, which contribute to transition to circular economy;
  • investments in the water sector, including drinking water supply, sanitation, water reuse, water efficiency solutions;
  • flood protection and climate change adaptation and mitigation, including natural hazards disaster risk reduction;
  • sustainable development of urban, rural, coastal, offshore areas as well as spatial planning and landscape conservation;
  • pollution prevention and remediation;
  • depollution – treatment – recycling of air, soil and water,
  • greening of investments in non-environmental sectors (e.g., energy, transport, industry, agriculture, forestry, fisheries)
  • biodiversity, natural capital preservation,
  • carbon capture and utilization / storage (CCU, CCS),.
  • Climate adaptation and climate mitigation.


  • Green business models (notably for recycling and circular economy)
  • Investment modelling
  • Environmental Risk assessment
  • Environmental audit(s)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
  • Sustainable finance
  • Financial modelling
  • Non-financial reporting and Taxonomy alignment
  • Seed financing,  Venture capital, or Private equity financing
  • Environmental Externalities Valuation
  • Market and sector studies

How should y apply?

If you have the targeted profile and you are interested and available, please proceed with the following steps:

  1. Visit GREEN ASSIST’s Web page,
  2. Open the link to the EUSurvey and:
    1. Give your consent for data processing after having carefully read the GREEN ASSIST Data Protection Notice ,
    2. Fill in the questionnaire;
    3. Upload your CV in the questionnaire on EUSurvey (EU format ideally);
    4. For any questions or concerns contact us:
    5. (optionally) we invite you also to register on the EU expert data base;

What are the conditions to be enrolled in the Roster of experts?

The Contractor will be in charge of screening the CVs collected by CINEA or sourced directly. It will carry out this screening based on objective criteria, such as the expertise required from time to time, to maximize the chances that the expertise required for a given assignment remains available in the Roster when the need arises. Suitability criteria will therefore be dynamic but would typically entail the expert’s expertise, understanding of relevant EU programmes and instruments, proximity with projects on the ground, familiarity with financial and business models and sectors and knowledge of languages. Exclusion criteria will also apply.

CINEA's contractor will then provide to all the experts positively assessed the template expert contract (between expert and contractor) and the proposed daily remuneration. This remuneration would apply to any future assignment submitted to an expert. Once accepted, this expert will be formally enrolled in the GREEN ASSIST Roster of experts.

If my profile is accepted in the Roster what should I expect?

Being formally enrolled in the Roster will allow you to be solicited by the contractor to provide advisory services in the context of incoming requests for advisory that the contractor would consider relevant to your profile. In addition, you will be part of the community of GREEN ASSIST experts and, as such, you will be associated to any action, training, knowledge sharing, etc. that the contractor may carry out. You will also have access to the expert Help Desk where you may also share ideas for the community.

On what basis will the contractor match experts’ profiles with a request for advisory services?

The contractor will carry out the matching after a thorough analysis of the needs of advisory services expressed by the requestor and, when relevant, discussion with the requestor. Based on this analysis and discussion, the contractor will prepare a draft assignment fiche documenting the deliverables and proposed workload. The contractor will then compare the expertise required with the expertise available in the Roster, taking into account the availability and proximity, as well as other objective criteria (expertise, experienced, language). Experts identified for a given assignment will be presented to the requestor in the context of tripartite interviews, based on which the final scope of work (workdays, milestones, deliverables, etc…) will be fine-tuned. The expert and the contractor will then sign the expert contract and the assignment will start.

In case I am solicited and retain for an assignment, what will be the terms of my engagement?

The terms for your engagement will be finalised by the contractor, bilaterally with you, in the context of the matching process. The terms of engagement will reflect the elements already agreed (template of contract, daily fee) upon your on-boarding in the Roster of experts as well as the components jointly agreed with the beneficiary (number of workdays, milestones, deliverables, etc…).

In the context of an assignment, will CINEA intermediate the discussion between the expert and the beneficiary?

No, after matching, the expert will interface directly with the beneficiary in order to meet their obligations to provide the deliverables. The beneficiary will need to comply with their undertakings under the beneficiary’s charter (including the facilitation of the expert’s assignment)..

In contrast, the expert will need to report to the contractor about its progress. This reporting will take the form of Interim report. Additionally, the expert will report any difficulties to the contractor through the help-desk.

Can I communicate about GREEN ASSIST?

You are encouraged to communicate and promote GREEN ASSIST not only to contacts that would have the desirable and high level of expertise, but also to promote GREEN ASSIST to private and public entities that have true and immediate potential to green their investments.

You may also communicate once you have been on-boarded in the Roster of experts, in compliance with the terms of the agreed expert contract. The expert contract, as well as the advisory assignment fiche will also frame communication in the context of a given assignment. At the request of the beneficiary, the latter may contain specific confidentiality provisions (or reference to a side confidentiality agreement).