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Using inland waterways to their full potential

Barges are one of the answers to de-congestion roads

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Watertruck+ is a CEF Transport supported project whose objective is to enhance the interconnectivity and interoperability between the TEN-T Core Network or rivers and canals and smaller inland waterways. As we face the challenges brought forward by our changing climate, we need to find solutions to minimise the impact of the transport sector on our environment. Watertruck+ helps to mitigate emissions from the transport sector by implementing the modular concept idea to inland waterborne transport.

The project, in fact, has put 18 new barges into operation and developed the concept of coupling and decoupling them to achieve economies of scale and improve freight transport efficiency.

Supported with almost €7 million, the project is perfectly in line with EU transport policy as it supports modal shift to Inland Waterways and avoids unnecessary and costly transshipment operations. In addition it is also environmentally friendly, as it reduces transport via trucks.

The project will stimulate interregional inland waterway transport by lowering costs and contribute to the reduction of congestion, greenhouse gases and noxious emissions. Watertruck+ will be operating between various inland waterway locations mainly in Belgium, but also in the Netherlands and France.