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Innovative solutions for greater grid flexibility in Slovenia and Croatia

Construction works VSR station
@ELES, d.o.o

SINCRO. GRID, an EU project of common interest, is an innovative integration of synergetic, mature technology-based solutions in order to increase the security of operations of the Slovenian and Croatian electricity systems simultaneously.

The SINCRO.GRID - Phase 1 project will provide for more efficient use of the existing electricity grid in Slovenia and Croatia, which will enable the existing infrastructure to accept larger quantities of electricity from renewable energy sources (RES) and ensure more reliable electricity supply. The project includes the deployment of compensation devices, an advanced dynamic thermal rating system, a battery electricity storage system, as well as a virtual cross-border control centre. The implementation of the project will increase the reliability and security of power supply despite the growing share of electricity being generated from RES.




ELES, Ltd., Electricity Transmission System Operator (Slovenia)



HEP-Operator distribucijskog sustava d.o.o. (Croatia) (