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European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

REMEDIES: Bridging Innovation and Action for Cleaner Oceans

In the ongoing fight against plastic pollution, innovative minds across Europe are stepping up to the challenge with determination and creativity.

Beach Cleanup in Greece
© Remedies

Remedies recognises the pressing need to bring together diverse communities and engage citizens in the journey towards cleaner seas and rivers to co-create plastic-waste free ecosystem.

Project Remedies, funded by Horizon Europe’s Mission Ocean and Waters, is centred around the idea of detecting, monitoring, collecting, valorising, and preventing (micro)plastic in our oceans. Its main objective is to restore natural environments by protecting water ecosystems, reducing pollution, and developing a climate-neutral blue economy. 

Through active participation and citizen engagement, Remedies  aims at promoting a more plastic-conscious society. The project provides mentoring, coaching, and financial resources to ensure the transition to a circular economy. Let’s see an example: the Hackathon PLASTIC FANTASTIC.

Recently, Remedies’ Consortium partners brought together a diverse array of experts, activists, and entrepreneurs committed to hacking the circle of plastic. Fifteen teams were selected to be part of a three-day Bootcamp, followed by a two-day Hackathon. Among the standout initiatives to emerge from the intensive programme were four truly impactful solutions, selected to receive a three-month acceleration programme provided by Impact Hub Athens. They will be  granted with up to €2 000 in funding per team and tech prizes to boost their projects towards real-world implementation and tangible results.

Building on the connections forged and knowledge shared during the Hackathon, the Remedies plastic community is being trained to drive the systemic change and catalyse a sustainable future for our oceans by array of other activities, such as artistic residencies, cluster meetings and open calls for associate regions. The latter is a cascade funding opportunity for local and/or regional authorities ready to lead the prevention and zero-waste solutions to restore our seas that is open until 5 June 2024.

Stay tuned as Remedies follows their progress and celebrate the transformative impact of their endeavours. Join their cleanups in and events as EU Green Week Partner Event end of May to contribute to the change we all wish to see. Together, we are rewriting the narrative of plastic pollution, turning the tide towards a cleaner, healthier environment for generations to come.

For more information, please see the EU factsheet.