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marGnet focuses on marine litter from sea-based sources on the sea-floor and generated by the fisheries and aquaculture activities. In Europe, they account up to 27% of all marine litter. MarGnet has combined different kind of actions to tackle the marine litter, from reduction and prevention, to monitoring and quantification, up to their removal and recycling.

In addition, marGnet has strongly promoted stakeholder engagement with rewarding initiatives for fishers contributing to the collection and recycling of the marine litter. An art exhibition about marine litter and clean up actions have also been part of the project.

To achieve the objectives, marGnet has been working on two pilot sites located in the Northern Adriatic – the Venice Lagoon in Italy, and the Cres-Lošinj Archipelago in Croatia.

On one hand, marGnet has carried out research activities to develop a predictive model able to stimulate the dispersion of sinking marine litter. The model will allow mapping hotspots of marine litter on the seafloor.

On the other hand, marGnet already produced a prototype to transform marine litter into fuel. The prototype is a portable pyrolysis plant that can be installed in harbour areas and fed with marine litter collected by local fishers. The pilot plant can produce 3 types of fuel: high quality light fuel, marine gas oil and intermediate fuel oil. Preliminary analysis on emissions are also very positive since no polluting substances were identified.

MarGnet is a good example of collaboration between Research Centres, NGOs and SMEs. The project is developing new knowledge and innovative technologies and is engaging with local communities to tackle marine litter.

marGnet has developed a vademecum for policy makers and institutions aiming at supporting the policy up-taking of project outputs and achievements.

The Italian Coastal Guard of Venice has expressed interest in collaborating with the project for the application of protocols for the removal activities performed by different stakeholders. The Coastal Guard would be then facilitated to provide authorizations for the concerned removal activities.

MarGnet has been featured on EURONEWS in October 2020.



Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Istituto di Scienze Marine (CNR-ISMAR)


Laguna Project s.n.c

Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation