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European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency


Land Use Based Mitigation for Resilient Climate Pathways


LANDMARC (Land Use Based Mitigation for Resilient Climate Pathways) is a four-year Horizon 2020 EU funded project that enhances understanding of the realistic potential of land-based negative emission solutions in agriculture, forestry, and other land use sectors.

The project has recently launched a revamped climate change mitigation EU portal The portal brings together the outputs of a huge range of projects in one place, publishing articles that distil the key findings of cutting edge research into short summaries. Policy makers, NGOs and businesses can find research evidence to underpin their decision making processes, whilst academics can read research summaries with links to the underlying technical papers. Members of the public can read our research summaries too – technical knowledge is not required. was set up  by project CARISMA handed over to DEEDS and is currently managed by JIN Climate and Sustainability under the LANDMARC project.

Do you have a project working on Climate Change Mitigation? Share here the highlights of their latest ideas, results and solutions on Climate Change Mitigation with the global community. The portal can form a core channel of your dissemination strategy. You are free to re-post your articles on other websites and newsletters. For more information about the portal, please contact ccmatjin [dot] ngo (ccm[at]jin[dot]ngo).

See the EU factsheet for more information.