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Common Maritime Education Standards in the Western Mediterranean

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The maritime transport sector is suffering from a mismatch between demand and actual offer of skills, thus providing a limited awareness of the opportunities in the field.

In the Western Mediterranean, the existing curricula offer does not adequately reflect modern needs. The maritime industry reports that it is increasingly difficult to find people with the right practical skills to work in maritime transport, especially as officers at the sea.

CMES-WestMed planned to face and overcome these challenges by establishing a sustainable network of Maritime Education and Training (MET) Institutes, public authorities and private actors of the maritime transport sector in the Western Mediterranean. The objective of this network is the design of a shared methodology for developing a new training offer, based on common maritime education standards and harmonised qualifications.

The methodology has been tested through the joint development of pilot training courses in subjects selected according to demands and including innovation. The courses, readapted from the initial plan because of restrictions linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, were on maritime cybersecurity for Italy, on integrated logistics for Tunisia and on new training techniques at navigation simulator for France.

The three courses not only covered different fields of the maritime sector (security, navigation, logistics), but met also one of the Western Mediterranean Initiative priority: skill development. They aimed at offering participants new subjects and approaches to improve their competences and be more appealing in the job market.

Visit the website and watch the explanation video to find out more about the motivations and goals behind this project.