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Autonomous Vehicles to Evolve to a New Urban Experience

Shuttle Genova

EU-funded project AVENUE is carrying out full-scale demonstrations of urban transport automation by deploying, for the first time worldwide, fleets of autonomous minibuses in low to medium demand areas of 4 European demonstrator cities (Geneva, Lyon, Copenhagen and Luxembourg) and later on of 3 replicator cities.

AVENUE revisits the offered public transport services and takes into account the passenger's special needs (including for elderly people, people with disabilities and vulnerable users) and time constraints. The project introduces disruptive public transportation paradigms on the basis of door-to-door services and the nascent concept of the ‘Mobility Cloud’, enabling multimodal transport (from bicycles to trains and, of course, autonomous vehicles) blending conventional public transport with new service models such as those of the sharing economy.

Road behaviour, security of the autonomous vehicles and passengers’ safety are central points of the AVENUE project.