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Webinar: Bioeconomy for soil regeneration

Soil4Life’s scientific coordinator will speak at a web conference, ‘Bioeconomy for soil regeneration’, on 1 October.  The Re Soil Foundation is hosting the event as part of pre-COP26 initiatives.  


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LIFE17 GIE/IT/000477
Bioeconomy for soil regeneration

This event will feature 12 internationally renowned experts, including the Soil4Life representative. Together they will explain the role of the bioeconomy in safeguarding the quality of Europe’s soils, decarbonising the economy, and creating value and resources from locally produced waste.

About Soil4Life  

Not many people realise how important soil is. To change this mindset, the Soil4Life team has set out to improve government decisions about soil and raise awareness of its importance among farmers, professionals and the public in Italy, France and Croatia.