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Sustainable Tourism Innovation

WestMED Initiative

The aim of this webinar is to discuss the state of the art of green and sustainable tourism across the western Mediterranean region, focusing on the challenges and highlighting innovation opportunities.

Throughout the event, key aspects will be considered, like the importance of long-term planning, growth, innovation and the sharing of policies and best practices. 

A dedicated call is published for western Mediterranean stakeholders (northern and southern shore) under the EMFAF (European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund), which addresses - among other thins - green and sustainable coastal and maritime tourism. 

  • Coastal and maritime tourism | Ecological tourism | Tourism policy
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Sustainable Tourism Innovation
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Main topics of the workhop:

  1. Two sides of the same coin? – Sustainable tourism destinations: scaling up sustainable green tourism vs reconverting mass tourism
  2. UfM & CPMR Handbook. Shared methods and tools for relaunching a sustainable tourism strategy
  3. EMFAF call (European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund). Sustainable tourism in the Western Mediterranean . (Click here to view the call details)
  4. ROLE OF INNOVATION – Thematic discussions: "What can we do to …"
    Diversify Tourism products: foster circularity in tourism towards the uptake of less invasive products and more sustainable ones; cross-sectoral of synergies and complementarities of the tourism sector with other related sectors, in the blue economy and beyond. 
    Accelerate innovation and skills-uptake: support the acceleration of innovation for local businesses and other socio-economic actors in the sector (tour operators, service providers, etc.), towards the re-definition of fully sustainable (environmentally secure and profitable) business models, products and services; improvement/building capacity/diversification of skills, especially digital skills aimed at strengthening and diversifying the ways in which territories can be visited and allow people to travel differently.

Click here to find the agenda.