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Online workshop: How LIFE addresses marine pollution

This online workshop will showcase LIFE’s impressive track record in addressing a wide range of marine pollution issues.

The meeting is taking place as part of European Maritime Day (EMD) - an annual two-day event where Europe’s maritime community comes together to network, discuss and forge joint action on maritime affairs and the sustainable blue economy.

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The online workshop will focus on two pertinent issues: marine litter and navigation/shipping.

It will showcase LIFE’s flexibility in three key areas:​

  • Using a broad range of tools from technologically innovative projects to best-practice and awareness-raising.​
  • Flexible funding options from small and focused traditional projects to larger national or regional strategic Integrated Projects.​
  • Diverse stakeholders from single beneficiaries to large consortia involving public authorities, academia, industry, etc.

The session will also present a selection of excellent LIFE projects that could be replicated by other stakeholders requiring funding to address a multitude of maritime pollution topics.​

Interactive tools will encourage audience involvement during the Q&A session. 

More information

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