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LIFE Wood for Future online lecture

On 1 October, the LIFE Wood for Future project team will support an online lecture on: ‘Short-rotation forestry for bio-energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to climate change mitigation’.

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  • Granada, Spain
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Informații practice

Conference Room Centro Andaluz del Medio Ambiente (CEAMA)
Granada, Spain
Transmisiune în direct online
Transmisiune în direct online
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LIFE 20 CCA/ES/1656
LIFE Wood for Future online lecture

Dr R. Ceulemans from the University of Antwerp will talk about the role of poplar in reducing greenhouse gases and mitigating climate change. The lecture is part of the University of Granada’s Master programme on conservation, management, and restoration of biodiversity.

About LIFE Wood for Future

The LIFE Wood for Future project aims to help recover poplar plantations by halting their replacement with intensively grown herbaceous crops. The team wants to provide the forestry sector with tools that guarantee a sustainable supply of local wood to industry, leading to the generation of certified high-quality wood.