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LIFE CEPLAFIB final conference 

LIFE CEPLAFIB’s final conference will take place online on 23 September.  


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The LIFE CEPLAFIB team set out to develop a sustainable, recycled alternative to virgin plastics for use in the packaging, automotive and construction sectors. 

At this final meeting, participants will learn about the newly developed material for the protective packaging, automotive/caravanning and construction/building industries. The 100% recycled composite is made from deinked newsprint paper fibres, recycled polypropylene and high/low-density polyethylene post-consumer waste plastics.  

The project involves six partners from Slovenia, Finland, Poland, and Spain, representing plastics and paper recyclers, manufacturers, technology suppliers and researchers. 

Watch the CEPLAFIB project video: CEPLAFIB project- A new circular economy of postconsumer plastic waste and reclaimed pulp fiber - YouTube