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LIFE 2020 Call for Proposals from NGOs on the European Green Deal (NGO4GD) - Info Session

On 12 January, we held a virtual information session explaining how LIFE funding under the LIFE 2020 Call for Proposals for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on the European Green Deal (LIFE 2020 NGO4GD) works. 


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LIFE 2020 Call for Proposals from NGOs on the European Green Deal (NGO4GD) - Info Session


As part of the LIFE Programme’s response to the COVID-triggered crisis, a special Call for Proposals has been launched to reinforce the capacity of NGOs across the EU to mobilise public participation in the European Green Deal's implementation. 

Meeting highlights 

This webinar served the purpose of providing an overview of the Call’s core aspects. EASME introduced the session, with DG Environment highlighting the key contribution of environmental NGOs to the European Green Deal. DG Climate Action outlined relevant links to the current EU climate policy landscape. EASME then shared details of the Call’s priorities and eligibility criteria before elaborating on its technical and financial aspects. 

‘Solidarity is alive and kicking in Brussels. We have been listening to what has been happening on the ground across EU Member States regarding the impact of Covid-19 on NGOs. LIFE wants to help NGOs in this time of crisis, while putting the European Green Deal high on the agenda.’

Angelo Salsi, Head of Unit of the LIFE Programme & CIP eco-Innovation at EASME

‘We are here to react. To do this, we have clear and ambitious objectives and will stand together. We hope this Call will help to reinforce the capacity of NGOs to mobilise and that it will strengthen public support for the European Green Deal.’

Jean-Claude Merciol, Head of the LIFE Unit at DG Environment

‘The European Climate Pact invites people and organisations to take climate action. It is about building a greener Europe, sharing knowledge and finding solutions to adapt to and mitigate climate change – it is therefore extremely relevant to the NGO community.’

Philip Owen, Head of Unit at DG Climate Action

Should you apply?

If you are a legally registered NGO in the EU and operating at national or regional level in the environment and/or climate action spheres and you meet all eligibility criteria set out in the Call documents, you are welcome to apply.  

Useful information

You can also see the presentations that were shared during the event below:

Call special features and eligibility + Overview of the technical forms 

Financial presentation 

Q&A summary

Other resources 

LIFE brochure: Together for biodiversity