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First International Prionotropis conservation symposium 

The team behind LIFE SOS Criquet de Crau and the IUCN SSC grasshopper specialist group are organising the first International Prionotropis conservation symposium on 3 December. 

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LIFE20 NAT/FR/000080
LIFE SOS Criquet de Crau

Prionotropis is a genus of grasshoppers in the family Pamphagidae. There are about nine described species in Prionotropis, which can be found in southern Europe.   

Several issues will be discussed during this webinar, including the species' habitat requirements, the threats they face, and proposed solutions. 

About LIFE SOS Criquet de Crau  

The Coussoul in southern France is a unique dry grassland of the Crau plain, renowned for its biodiversity and home to the critically endangered Crau plain grasshopper. Ambitious conservation efforts are proposed in this new LIFE project, led by the non-profit organisation CEN PACA, to prevent the species’ extinction in the wild. The plan is to reinforce and reconnect the remaining populations via captive breeding and a reintroduction programme. Habitat quality will also be improved through changes in sheep grazing. And measures will be taken to reduce predation by some bird species.