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Beautiful, sustainable, together: LIFE in the New European Bauhaus

From 15 – 17 November, the LIFE programme will hold a three-day hybrid conference on LIFE in the New European Bauhaus. Join us to discover how style and sustainability can make the perfect match.


  • Sustainable development | New technology | Circular economy
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  • Brussels, Belgium

Practical information

Event Lounge
Bd. Général Wahislaan, 1030 Brussels, Belgium


Beautiful, sustainable, together: LIFE in the New European Bauhaus
LIFE in the New European Bauhaus

The New European Bauhaus encompasses a multidisciplinary approach to the challenge of sustainable and equitable living. This conference will showcase both LIFE and Horizon 2020 projects that address various aspects of the transformation necessary for a carbon-neutral 2050, including:   

  • technological ideas that embrace principles of circular economy   
  • projects that preserve ecosystems and promote nature-based solutions   
  • ideas that bring sustainability principles in building design including the circularity principles into practice, and    
  • activities that aim at changing behaviour at all levels of society.   


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